Monday, March 03, 2008

Servant of Shadows
Long ago the Kobolds and Goblins waged subterranean wars the likes of which Ghrans had never seen. So much of the aftermath of the Goblin/Kobald wars lay in secrecy that few even know who is in power under the earth.

With the appearance of the Drakka goblins and the Seige of Cogghaldt, it
would seem that the Kobold Empire had fallen - but not so. There still lie, in the caverns and deep cracks of the earth, a great empire of kobolds, waiting to once again defeat their sworn enemies.

This is Bartleby, the finest trapsmith of the Kobold Empire. He stalks in shadows and slays goblins with his cunning, his bare combat prowess nonwithstanding, his tools are jets of flame, crossbow bolts and the deadliest of poisons.

Once the Siege is over...will the Kobolds rise as the dominant power and crush the Craylings?