Thursday, March 13, 2008

We, Who Are About to Rock, Salute You!
It's no small secret that I'm a tremendous dork. I enjoy role-playing games, video games, fantasy novels, comic books, cartoons, and just as importantly, wargames. Specifically I like Privateer Press' WARMACHINE and HORDES games.

The flavor of the worlds is something unique and fun, and there's a seriously developed sense of story within the pages of these books. The models are gorgeous and the rules are rediculous. In short, it's a slam-bang, knock down drag-out brawl and I love it.

I play the Trollblood Tribes, a race of large, boisterous trolls and their ilk, with a specific celtic/native american feel. To the righ here is one of my leaders, Madrak IronHide - a troll cheiftan who took it upon himself to unleash the power of Rathrok, a mystical axe with the power to end the world.

Fun stuff. He's rocking out with that axe, because in my opinion, trolls are the rockstars of the Iron Kingdoms.