Monday, April 28, 2008

Alquin Fired Up and Tavern Buddies
Another couple of sketches that I recently cranked out with Alquin. The first is something I think we forget about wizards - the incarnations we've seen in popular media have given us the preconception that wizards are unsure of themselves or not very flashy when it comes to cracking out the magic and blasting bad guys. Well I hate that.

When Gandalf was kicking the crap out of uruk-hai and orcs on the walls of Minas Tirith, I was all about the whack-bonk and sword-ouch. That made me happy. It was a reletive 6 HOURS of saga before it where he did no fightin
g and very little magic that upset me.

I'm spoiled rotten on fantasy, but c'mon. FIREBALL. How is it that with all the advances we've made in movie magic and special effects that a simple fireball is so hard to produce? That wizard fight with Saruman was cool, just envisioned crazy stuff going all OVER the place, not two old dudes flying around Orthanc. Oh well. This is, anyway, the reason that Alquin tends to crack out the zappy from time to time - above, for example, he is deep-frying a goblin from the inside out. AWESOME. Remember; a sword says 'stabby,' but magic says 'BOOM!' :)

Also! A calmer scene of Alquin and Artemis drawing the bartender's ire at the Golden Flagon as Alquin's bean familiar takes a well-deserved draught of a fine ale after a long day battling the ogres and drakka goblins.