Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Clothes Make the Crayling
Artemis may eventually become a great hero in the Steam Knight storyline, but his humble beginnings are the core of who he is as a person. As a recent graduate of the Cogghaldt University, he has taken up a job running a coal wagon - an important job in the City of Forges. While not his chosen profession, he works hard and does the best he can, something that he reflects later as a warrior and a friend.

Coal drivers are throttled to a loose schedule, and Arty - through his great record and timeliness - manages a schedule that allows him 4-5 days on the road to and from the coal mines, and 2 days of rest at his flat in the city of Cogghaldt. Even with this degree of freedom he is adamant in making his deliveries on time. In his spare days he works on his steel craft and blacksmithing in his small flat, working on a piece to impress a local forgemaster so he might someday work with steel like his father. His two haflinger draft ponies, Pepper and Percy, hal the cart easily at full load.

The coal driver's uniform is more of the same from cray society - not exactly fashionable, but functional and protective. The large padded pant legs keep the cray comfortable sitting and riding long distances, as well as pad him from the bouncing and jostling of the cart on the road. The tunic is seasonal; a light one with the trademark crayling necking like this fits well with mid-autumn and keeps the cray from needing many pieces of clothing - he doesn't need to take care of a muffler with this shirt. In mid-spring and summer the tunic can be removed and allows for better ventilation.