Friday, October 24, 2008

Rocket Knight to the Rescue!
So this is considerably less 'sketchy' than most of my previous stuff, but it's still technically a sketch. This image is a vector outline of Sparkster from the cover of the Rocket Knight adventures game for the Sega Genesis. 1993 represent!

I always thought Sparkster was cool. He was really different than his counterparts of the time - back in those days a lot of companies were trying to get their iconic mascot in on the action, trying to capitulate on the Sonic and Mario mascot craze - Bubsy, Awesome Possum, Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel - none of these really lasted. But Sparkster was really different.

He wasn't hardcore, he wasn't a bad-ass, he was just himself. There are several moments in the game where he gets suprised or shocked and actually shows a little emotion. It was kinda interesting coming from my background as a Sonic kid - after all, the only emotion Sonic ever really projected was a kind of mute disbelief once you smacked into a guy and lost all his rings. Sparkster gets mad, scared, and frustrated - this is something that was pretty rare in the early 90's.

He also has a freakin' sword and jetpack! How awesome is that, right? I mean it's enough that he jumps around and hangs by his little opossum tail, but he has a rocket strapped to his back and a big sword! C'mon!

Anyways, I just thought he was awesome.

Sparkster(C) 1993 Konami.